Stage Tec is recognized as one of the leading pioneers in the age of transition from analogue to digital audio technology and has set new benchmarks thanks to continuous research and development. The 2002 launch of its flagship console AURUS was a notable success with more than 300 systems sold worldwide to date, continuing with its successor AURUS Platinum. AURUS is found in the most prestigious venues such as the Moscow Kremlin Palace (Russia), the “Bird’s Nest” Olympic Stadium for the 2008 Beijing games (China), BMW’s new automobile delivery and event centre at Munich (Germany), and the BBC Scotland broadcasting service headquarters in Glasgow (U.K.).

In 2006, the introduction of the compact mixing console AURATUS extended the product range for broadcast and theatre applications making Stage Tec’s key benefits of superlative sound quality and ultimate reliability in professional use available in a compact, cost-effective console for a broad range of applications. In the following years, the mixing consoles CRESCENDO, ON AIR 24 and ON AIR flex followed so that today Stage Tec offers a comprehensive range from the smallest to the largest consoles.


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Combines tried and tested reliability with cutting edge features and a freshly updated user interface. AURUS Platinum represents our most powerful tool for live mixing and production including a new touch pad, new central functions for fast and effective workflow and deep integration with the NEXUS audio network.

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In addition to its sheer processing power, other highlights of the XACI card include a fanless 3U build in a space-saving footprint as well as the possibility to access the NEXUS audio bus. The benefit of this approach is that users can now use audio files rather than sine waves for line detection purposes.

The basic idea behind the AURATUS was to design a compact digital console that could be used in predefined workflows in radio and TV production. Therefore, the AURATUS features not only a hardwired bus layout but also a user interface optimised for quick and simple operation.


 AVATUS mixing consoles do not content themselves with a simple IP connection: they are modular from the ground up, use several IP addresses and can work together as decentralized units at different points in the network.

From the functionality and feature-set point of view the CRESCENDO mixing con­sole sits in between the AURUS and AURATUS. The console is a response to the increased demand for slimmed down user interfaces with reduced fea­ture sets.


The NEXUS components from Stage Tec are a family of plug-in cards with which almost all requirements for audio transmission and conversion as well as extremely complex control tasks can be flexibly implemented. Each system can be tailored exactly to the individual requirements of your installation. With NEXUS, Stage Tec uses the industrial standard of 19″ subracks, which not only allows you to configure the system in a highly adaptable way, but also guarantees future expandability.